Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Tangled River

When it comes to hat designs, few can rival the amazing  Woolly Wormhead. Her unique designs blend, shape and colour in such a fantastic and individual way. As you can probably tell I am a big fan. Woolly has a design to suit everyone and I mean everyone! If you have ever been to her stall at a yarn gathering and played the game of letting Woolly find a hat for you, you will know exactly what I mean. Few would argue with the result.
 I am a big fan of hats in general. In between bigger garment projects I am usually knitting socks or hats. I love the instant gratification of casting something on and having a finished object in a couple of days. I have had Tangled River in my library for such a long time I don't know why it's taken me so long to get round to it.
Cast on while having a coffee with my buddy * Jacqui from Happy Making Designs (we'll come back to Jacqui in a bit). Even my husband who doesn't know much about knitting at all other than he mustn't talk if I'm counting (or I start to count REALLY loudly) said "Nice Cables!" 
There is something so satisfying about knitting through the back loops isn't there? Or maybe that's just me. This pattern used ktbl through out so added extra pleasure for me.
 I'm so happy with it and I haven't taken it off my head since, well apart from going to bed and in the shower.
The colour is a great clash with my hair too.

I have now just begun my first pair of socks from Coop Knits Socks by Rachel Coop. Rachel is to socks knitting designs what Woolly Wormhead is to hat knitting designs. Exquisite patterns that make sock knitting into wearable art. This is the book I bought the book at Unravel

I'm beginning with Paignton

I'm using the most gorgeous coloured yarn from Danielle, A Stash Addict sock club that I joined last year. Sadly Danielle no longer dyes yarn and I have been waiting for the right project to use this one.

It's been a while since I've knitted socks on dpn's but I'm really enjoying it!

* And so to Jacqui. Whilst at Unravel we stopped by the Alafoss stall. 

The quality of their yarn and the gorgeous colours was a pleasure (not to mention that they were pedlar's of free chocolate treats too) Unfortunately we missed out on the amazing offers on sweater packs. The lovely ladies at Alafoss emailed us codes to get a discounts because they didn't have enough packs on the day but EVEN better than that they gave Jacqui one to use on her blog so we can share the Alafoss love!! You can get your code here at Happy Making Design. What a bargain for a pure wool sweater kit.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

I Want To Be A Dwarf!

I have come to the conclusion over the last few years that I should never ask my children the question of "What kind of birthday cake do want?" or  "What do you want to dress as for World Book Day?"
These two simple questions have caused me more sleepless nights and aged me more than I care to think about over the years. From wheat free, egg free, gluten free, nut free, soya free Disney princess catles cakes to A 3d whale cake. From dressing as cyclops to Tiddler the fish from the book of the same name. You name it they've asked for it.
This year was my last World Book Day as my youngest child goes to secondary school in September. Youngest came home brandishing the annual announcement of the schools intentions for the day. Through gritted teeth and wincing muscles I asked the following question, "Ok matey, hit me with it! What's it to be this year?"  The reply was "DWARF! My Favourite book is The Hobbit so it's a no brainer" 
My reply was "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggg!" 
At least that's what was occurring in my noggin. 
How do I turn a skinny, 11 year old, Sheldon Cooper in to a dwarven battle lord?
In my search I turned to the ever reliable  and old faithful Ravelry. I was not disappointed!
I stumbled across this bad boy.
Dwarven Battle Bonnet 2 by Sally Pointer of Wicked Woollens

The relief for me was indescribable. I could do that, I can, I can, I can!!
Brilliant pattern. So easy to read and all yarn from stash left overs so in my book that makes this project free (apart from the pattern purchase)
Thus the mini me became a somewhat slender Dwarven Battle Lord.

He's going to be warm if nothing else! He will also be mimicking my Scottish accent all day if I know him at all.