Thursday, 10 July 2014

Catching Up

 Catching Up

Oh my oh my has it really been that long since I blogged? I am still here honest! I don't know where the times goes. Having 3 active children is always an absorption of anyone's time but yes life in general is just busy busy busy. My eldest is growing up so fast and has been on her work experience week this week, my middlie will be a teenager in just a few short weeks, and my baby, MY BABY is preparing for leaving primary school ready to go to Secondary school come September. Wow that makes me feel old! I blinked somewhere between nappies and pushchairs and now they are proper big people. It's lovely watching their personalities blossom (MOST of the time) sometimes wonder if the terrible two's come back when they hit puberty though.

What else have I been doing since I've been so silent? Well I've been involved in something very exciting for me but I can't share that just yet, it's top secret hushity hush. As soon as I get the nod I'll will share with great gusto.

I've even been helping in the orchard thinning the plums!! Now that's not something I thought I'd hear myself say and no it's not a euphemism. 

And later today I'll be thinning the apples and pears too! No not cockney rhyming slang.

Project wise I've been busy too, there's been one of these:

The pattern is Peggy Sue  by Linda Wilgus. It's everything I needed in a cardigan for summer. It's cropped so it looks great with dresses especially vintage inspired ones, fab with jeans and shorts and the colour.....................oooooooooooooooo the colour! I knitted it with Drops Karisma Classic from Wool Warehouse and it was a bargain at under £2.00 per ball.

And there has also been one of these William  by the lovely Ann Kingstone.

 This was my first proper fair isle project. It comes from this book 

Which demystifies fair isle. It's so concise and easy to follow with THE most glorious patterns in it. This was the first knit from this book but it most certainly won't be the last. Go forth and buy! It's a treat in book form.
There have also been several pairs of socks which I'll save for another time.
I hope you are all well out there and I shall do my best to be a better blogger and write more often!


  1. Love the fair isle jumper. I will have to get hold of Ann Kingstone's book as fair isle projects scare me but this book looks good x

    1. Honestly it's fantastic and makes fair isle much less scary x